Days 07 – 10: Turkey [Fethiye, Kayaköy, & land ahoy in Kaş]

Ok so our Turkey adventure has almost come to a close and the last week or so has been absolutely action packed [with some remote locations lacking internet connections] meaning that it has been a bit of a challenge to keep up to date with posting.
We have finished the main part of the tour and are back in Istanbul for tonight [with some pretty decent internet] before our last night in Gallipoli, tomorrow, so I’ll do my best to remember everything that has happened. I think it’s mostly going to be a photo journey as there has been so much to take in. Burak, our fantastic guide, is chock-full of info on all aspects of Turkey and I did my best to remember it all, but afternoons sipping on local wines and Efes bira’s has made that a bit of a challenge haha. So here goes:

Day 07 – Wednesday 27 June

Today was another day spent mostly in transit. Our bus came quite early and departed from the front of the hotel. So far, we have been quite lucky like that – mostly it has been door to door service and we haven’t had to lug our packs on any massive walks, which suits us, being Intrepid travellers.
From Pamukkale the bus took us via Fethiye to Kayaköy, taking approximately five hours.
After checking in and our orientation walk, we wandered around Turkey’s “Ghost Village” to find some lunch and I was nearly drawn in to Casper’s restaurant, after the name made me laugh out loud, but we wanted to avoid any tourist eateries and wandered around finding some Gözleme.

Caspers restaurant in Ghost Town

Helping us recharge our batteries and then cooling off with a swim in a neighbouring hotels pool, in the evening our group went by minibus in to Fethiye to dine at the local fish markets. Along the windy roads we had a quick stop off for a photo op to admire the magnificent Mediterannean as well as some Lycean tombs that were fashioned in to the stone of the mountain side.

Tombs carved in stone

Day 08 – Thursday 28 June

The morning after our fishy dining experience, and by that I mean, we ate some delicious fresh fish, where we got to pick the fish from the vendor and then took it to one of the restaurants that fried it up, this was absolutely delcious and no complaints [!], the weather had taken a bit of a cooler change.

Jenny and I

It was a welcome change as today was to be an adventure day, starting on foot we made our way through the remains of Kayaköy village, the ghost town, now preserved as a museum village, consists of hundreds of rundown but still mostly intact Greek-style houses and churches which cover a small mountainside [wiki.].

Kayaköy village

After trekking our way from the village, 6km’s around the rugged coastline of the Lycian way, of course this was filled with some amazing views, we stopped in town for a quick dip in the beautiful Oludeniz lagoon.

View atop a mountain

As I said, today was an adventure day and after our massive trek most of us then went on for a paddle around in a kayak. Being that it was in the water no one took a camera along and any words won’t really do this magnificent scenery any justice.

Day 09 & 10 – Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June

Tucked away in a curved bay, Kaş (pronounced ‘Kash’) is a small fishing, diving, yachting and tourist town. The name Kaş translates to ‘something curved’ similar to an eyebrow, and has a Greek island, Kastelórizo, located about 2 km offshore.
We first arrived in Kaş mid morning with a bit of time for an orientation walk around town and a quick bite to eat before jumping on board a small boat and setting sail for the next 24 hours.

Pirate Nick…well, more of a lad than a pirate

It was nice to watch the land drift away as we sat up on deck and soaked in the sun. After an hour or so the captain dropped the anchor and our crew swam around for a half hour or so. The rest of the afternoon involved a similar pattern of anchor down, swim around the stunning turquoise waters, back on board, and move on to the next location around the coast.
The evening seemed to be a lot quieter than what the captain had planned. I was ready for bed around 10 [weak, I know], but the captain had dropped the anchor close to a “Pirate bar”. Apparently in the past he had taken his guests to this bar that other tourists loved. Our crew had no such plans as most of us were tuckered out and pretty happy to relax and have a quiet night on board. Everyone had agreed to go to bed and just as we were nodding off the music began pumping out across the bay from the bloody pirate bar! It started around 11pm and continued on to the wee hours of the morning. It was almost torture! Trying to sleep on the deck of a ship with the tunes belting out across the waters. Maybe we should have got up and decided to go over, but El Capitán, had taken the life boat to the bar and gotten ship-faced on his own.
Needless to say, most of us were pretty crusty eyed in the morning, but not as tired as the cap’n.
He got us back to land safely and we spent the night back on land in a hotel.


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